Kieran Keenan,  Personal Trainer a graduate of University of Limerick/NCEF offering unique personal training services that are on a whole new level in Ireland.


Using my specialised skills and experience as a Personal Trainer, I work with people on an individual basis or with small groups using a wide variety of techniques. I work with clients of all fitness levels from those who have never exercised on a regular basis to those looking for the next challenge. Following an initial consultation and comprehensive fitness assessment, I provide a tailored fitness plan with nutritional advice as well as providing motivation and support.


Training clients outdoors and in my fully equipped fitness studio or at the gym in RTE, I deliver fast results. Most of my clients have used standard gym workouts for many years and come to me disillusioned with their progress. By simplifying nutrition, providing a better understanding of food coupled with my own unique exercise designs and the commitment of the client, I guarantee results up to twice as fast as standard gym workouts saving the client money



Most professionals have long working hours with schedules full of meetings, conference calls and the ever-present mobile phone.  There are also business trips that can occur with little or no notice, making it difficult to fit exercise into their lives.


Health Benefits

Fitness training for busy professionals is critical due to the health benefits achieved from regular exercise.  Working out regularly boosts energy and has been proven to increase productivity in the workplace.  Because busy professionals are often required to conduct business dinners that consist of rich, calorie-laden meals, and often called upon to travel at a moment’s notice, exercise is even more critical for those with a hectic, busy lifestyle in order to promote cardiovascular health, reduce the risks of diabetes and keep the client operating at peak performance levels.


Confidentiality and Discretion

One of the most important requirements of professionals is the need for confidentiality and discretion.  To create the proper fitness training for any client, the trainer must know any health conditions the person may have, dietary restrictions to create a nutrition program and mobility restrictions that would prevent them from performing certain exercises.  The exercise plan may also need to include information on working out when the client is traveling, and may require the personal trainer to know where the individual is traveling and why in order to create a comprehensive fitness plan.  I guarantee 100% complete confidentiality.


I create effective, personalised fitness training programs for busy professionals, providing information on nutrition and exercise that can be done in the office, home or even a hotel room that will keep even the busiest executive healthy and fit for many years.  Contact me now to learn how to get the most out of your time by doing what you need to do for success!


For further information and details on pricing, email or phone 086-8429026


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