Corporate Wellness Programs


Benefits of Providing Corporate Fitness and Wellbeing

In today’s competitive and demanding business environment, employee wellness is no longer a luxury extra – it’s a necessity.  The number one reason for absence from work is reduced mental wellbeing and stress.  A large percentage of people feel stressed at work and most feel they need help in managing their stress levels and mental wellbeing.   It has been widely proven that employees are at their most productive when they are fit and healthy, have low stress levels and more importantly feel that their employer cares about their wellbeing.


Providing an in-house Corporate Fitness Program is one of the best ways in which your company can increase your employees’ overall wellbeing.


Increasing Wellbeing

Dangerous stress levels in conjunction with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles leads to illness such as back pain, depression, migraine and cardiovascular disease which lose companies thousands of man hours every year.


Exercise has been proven to be the most effective method of improving mental wellbeing and helping to reduce the onset of stress-related illnesses.   Holistic wellbeing therapies such as Yoga and Pilates are also proven to elevate mental wellbeing, promote flexibility and relaxation and even boost immunity keeping employees healthy, happy and balanced.


Providing corporate fitness and wellbeing facilities is an investment in both your employees’ healthy and your company’s future.


Planning Wellbeing in the Workplace

Fitsquad are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of your employees.  We will sit down with your HR team; listen to your needs and requirements before creating a Wellbeing Plan for your organisation.  A range of recommended services includes:

  • Onsite exercise classes
  • Wellbeing Days
  • Wellness Weeks
  • Holistic therapies such as Yoga and Pilates


Exercise in the Workplace

Fitsquad can provide a range of exercise classes, everything from Circuit/HIIT, Boxercise, Bootcamp to Zumba, to suit your employees’ needs.  We know that space can be at a premium in most offices but we can still easily provide health and fitness services in your workplace.  A meeting room, lunch room, open space or roof terrace is all that’s needed for an effective workout or exercise class.  Contact us and we can quickly tailor the best solution for your environment or budget.


Gym Management

Having an on-site gym is hugely beneficial to organisations provided it is managed efficiently and effectively.  

Fitsquad can provide:

  • Management of all aspects of corporate gyms such as gym design and layout
  • Management of and sourcing of equipment
  • Administration of gym memberships including liaison with payroll etc.
  • Gym equipment induction and orientation for new members
  • Gym programmes
  • Fitness assessments and testing
  • Marketing and promotion of classes, events and gym services.
  • Recruitment, training and management of gym staff
  • All health and safety aspects to ensure duty of care


Employee Wellbeing Events

Fitsquad offers a range of Wellbeing Days to engage your employees on various aspects of their health and fitness.  Available to companies of all sizes, we can tailor an event to visit your organisation anywhere in the country at a time to suit you.


Some examples of services available

  • Lunch & Learn: A seminar over lunchtime periods to give employees an informative talk on the importance of exercise in their lives.  Running for no more than one hour, the sessions are designed to engage individuals to think about healthy living, how it applies to them personally and how they can make changes to their own daily lives.
  • Exercise at work demonstration: A brief overview of exercise that is easy to do in the workplace.  Attendees will be invited to participate in the session to ensure that everyone takes away vital correct technique advice that they can put into action straight away.
  • Fitness Testing: A great way for employees to get a true understanding of their health.  We can provide onsite testing based on the number of employees that you wish to be seen.  Examples of what we can do onsite are blood pressure awareness, body composition/body fat percentage and basic fitness testing.  



hell and backAs an official training partner of ‘Hell & Back’, we can arrange and manage your group entry for Ireland’s toughest physical and mental endurance challenge.





rteFitsquad operates and manages all aspects of the fitness function of RTÉ’s Sports & Social Club from the day to day running of the gym, varied fitness classes, facilities management and membership administration.  We also plan, market, develop and deliver fitness and social events, activities and challenges working closely with the Club Committee and members.

Onsite Personal Training is also provided for RTÉ personnel.  Read HERE how Lifeline’s Joe Duffy credit’s Kieran’s PT sessions with his 3 stone weight loss.



newstalkFitsquad’s Kieran Keenan is a regular contributor to fitness discussions on Newstalk and has developed and delivered a series of short exercise videos working with Newstalk’s Henry McKean as he aims to reach his fitness goals.



Pat Click HERE to hear Kieran’s Top Fitness Tips and HERE as Kieran explain the Benefits of Functional Movement on the Pat Kenny Show.



Most recently Kieran featured on Down to Business with Bobby Kerr where they reviewed current trends within the fitness industry – listen to the podcast  HERE



ilh1Fitsquad is an official partner of Irish Life Health and provides presentations on exercise, health and fitness to their corporate clients. We also contribute regularly to their Health Hub website and wellness literature with useful articles, tips and advice on exercise, health, nutrition, fitness and well being.

Fitsquad is currently working with Irish Life Health on the ‘Move Your Met Workplace Fitness Challenge.  Watch the team at Salesforce doing the Move Your Met Challenge with Kieran in association with Newstalk HERE

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